HELO4 offers two types of partnerships for every need.


By signing up for our affiliate programme you can sell the HELO4 sterilizer and earn a 15% commission on every sale. Sign up at . You will be given a personalized link that you can promote through your online and physical channels. When one of your contacts or customers reaches our site through this link and makes a purchase, you will receive a 15% commission on the total amount of the transaction (excluding shipping). In addition, through cookie technology, if the customer does not buy immediately but decides to purchase the product within a year, you will still receive the commission, even on any further purchases.


If you deal with e-commerce or sales in general and you have a catalogue to offer your customers, add the HELO4 sterilizer to your product catalogue and use your checkout system to collect orders and receive payments from customers. Then place your orders in a timely manner and pay for the goods, which will be discounted to you by 15%, and we will ship the product to your customer with our express courier service. This will save you from having to allocate warehouse space and you will not have to purchase products in advance. In addition, you are free to choose whether to increase the sale price on your store; the difference between your sale price and ours will constitute additional profit for you. To join our dropshippers programme, please send us a request using the form on the contacts page.

Requests for membership or information can be sent to the following addresses:

tel 1: +39 0697613215

tel 2: +39 3755572708