Who we are

In the early days of the Covid pandemic the staff of HELO4, then still in the planning stage, were engaged in a service work for the Spallanzani Institute(the reference Hospital in Italy for the Covid Pandemic). There were fears that the Venturi valves for the CPAP hoods, the plastic enclosures that are applied to Covid's patients in intensive care, would be missing. In other hospitals, those valves have since gone missing and teams of Makers have assisted in making valves for hospitals in need. The same was done in Rome by a team of our collaborators. However, these valves were extremely sensitive and the Spallanzani Hospital, which actually performed the valve testing and certification, found it impossible to certify them. It was then that HELO4 was asked to better design these valves so that they would have conforming characteristics to those on the market. To get to the bottom of the matter: HELO4 did a lot of work on aerodynamic simulations, the work was completely free of charge, and let's not hide the fact that it was a particularly intense couple of months of continuous work, but certainly motivated and inspired by the need to give support to health personnel heroically engaged in the fight against the pandemic.

Today HELO4, previously not formally constituted, has become a young entrepreneurial reality in Rome, in which various collaborators and professional figures participate in a more or less stable form. Before the pandemic, the projects were more related to manufacturing activities in the field of consumer electronics and other research into materials in the biomedical field, but when it was formally set up, it decided to work on identifying a product that could actually help reduce cases of infection. Because, while it is true that distancing helps, it is also true that the risk of infection is linked to those objects that we use most frequently (keys, mobile phones, mice, coins, face masks etc) and for this very reason we often tend to overlook them. HELO4 was the ideal candidate for such a product, as it has all the necessary biological and engineering expertise to assess its real effectiveness. It can, without a shadow of a doubt, claim that its sterilizer is effective at killing Covid populations, as its selection stems from a thorough search of the scientific literature and evaluation of its technical characteristics. A certainty you can get from few other manufacturers on the market. Furthermore, HELO4 has not neglected the more practical and enjoyable aspect of convenience: if a product is uncomfortable, it will not be used. The UV sterilizer we are presenting on this page is not only convenient, it is suitable for all situations, it is quick and definitely more ecosustainable than most of the competition's products. In addition, we provide customer service that ensures we are among the most serious and prompt possible.

HELO4's achievements don't stop there, we have many ideas and big plans for the future!