UV Sterilizer | Which one to choose?


January 2021.

We are still in the midst of a pandemic that has brought the whole world to its knees. Over the past 12 months, we have witnessed a continuous search for solutions to the Covid-19 problem.

Prevention has been essential while waiting for the solution; hence, the use of safety devices such as masks and visors, as well as the obligation of social distancing and limiting the movement of people in the area.

Today, however, another doubt arises.

We have become accustomed to sanitising our hands on entering or leaving any 'dangerous' environment, but who or what cares about our belongings? The ones we carry around every day that are not sanitized like our hands every time we come into contact with possible sources of infection?

Our team of engineers made a great effort to find a device that would allow the sanitisation and sterilisation of objects and utensils and noticed that the market offers a wide range of tools for this purpose; hence a further question:

"Which UV-C sanitizer/sterilizer should I choose?

"Which criteria should we use to choose the most suitable tool for our needs?"


Surely size matters here too!

A UV disinfector must be large enough to enclose and disinfect as many objects as possible simultaneously.

Almost all the solutions on the web offer small products that can barely disinfect a smartphone. This does not reflect the real needs of our daily lives.

Technical operation time

How long does a UV sanitizer/sterilizer take on average?

In general, the technical time for such a tool is between 5 and 10 minutes.

It is certain that the less time it takes for the tool to sanitize our objects, the easier and more automatic its daily use will be.

Design of the tool

Another fundamental factor in these times is undoubtedly the appearance of the tools we have available in our homes, businesses and in general, places of gathering.

As we look around the web, we see UV sanitizers in the form of pressure gauges or UV lights for nail art.

As a tool that is used daily and repetitively, it needs to look good and have an attractive design that can be customized to suit any environment.

Which UV sanitizer answers all these questions?

We have selected for you a very effective, certified and functional tool that perfectly answers all these questions.

A perfect gift idea for elderly parents or grandparents to whom you want to ensure greater protection and prevention, not only from Covi-19 but also all the pathogens and bacteria that lurk daily in our objects.

Perfect for work environments or at the entrance of our homes.

The HELO4 UV-C sterilizer/sanitizer perfectly sterilizes any object placed inside it in just 3 minutes; it is large enough to hold several objects. Its dual design makes it portable and fixed at the same time, depending on your needs; in fact, you will find two set-ups, one portable and perfectly pocket-sized to sanitize smartphones and keys even when you are out and about, and one fixed, larger.

This tool is available in 3 different colours, making it very adaptable to different types of interior design.

This tool can be found on our store, while stocks last, at the low introductory price of €47.60.